Into the mist

Cooling my heels, I quietly prop across the inept turf…….                                          Laggard and sedately, I don’t know when and how I had inscribed the entire sod of my heart to “his” name….

When ever I saw “him” I used to unfasten myself through a crescent which I could never discover again…..

Whenever “he” was in front me, “he was like a shielding cloud casting it’s cool shadow on me….. 

Whenever “he” was in front of me, “he” was like a ‘pour of happiness and love’ for me…. 

I had almost relinquished my life to “him”….

But all of a sudden, that should of cloud or the pour of happiness and love dissolved in the mist of the cool winter’s drippy ambience……. 

                   .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .       “He”crushed my navel in just two shakes…. 

I tried to locate “him” everywhere…                                     But “he” was found nowhere….. 


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