The battle #1

With a baffled mind he faced the battlefield…

Ego being on one side, love struggled hard on the other to destroy its rival…..

With a broken heart yet a determined mind, she refused to retreat from her decision but wished if ‘love’ could be the victorious one….

She had faith in the power of true love….

Late at night the battle was over…

(To be continued….)

Dedicated to my favorite and the most cute couple, Swapnil (teddy) & his beautiful girlfriend Anushka (anu) ❀

157 thoughts on “The battle #1

      1. Mah..mah..mah..MY is two letters..but you use mah..which is three letters …..whenever you say you are chubby and teddy..maybe be because you are call your bff teddy..I call you teddy…there can be many teddies in the world…

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      2. Hmmm..if I am there..I would have applied to your chubby cheeks..Can you do me favor?? I wrote a story for Times of india contest..can you read and tell me grammar mistakes

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      3. Hmmm..actually I failed in two attempts..I think first attempt was disaster,and then I hoped for second one..but I was not selected.Then I wrote for third one and waiting for results,and in the mean while I submitted fourth one..

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      4. U say dat m ‘BEAUTIFUL’ πŸ˜’
        M telling u to see them so dat u get to know dat there r manyyyyyy manyyyyyy manyyyyyy girls who r muuuuuchhhh, muuuuuuchhhh muuuuchhhh beautiful dan meee… πŸ˜›πŸ™‚

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      5. Older??????I am not uncle..I am almost same age as you…and you have scolded me several times..I don’t bother because I like you..and I don’t bother age..even if you are 45 or 10 I treat you same…dont worry…😊😊😊..please smile puppy

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