The battle #1

With a baffled mind he faced the battlefield…

Ego being on one side, love struggled hard on the other to destroy its rival…..

With a broken heart yet a determined mind, she refused to retreat from her decision but wished if ‘love’ could be the victorious one….

She had faith in the power of true love….

Late at night the battle was over…

(To be continued….)

Dedicated to my favorite and the most cute couple, Swapnil (teddy) & his beautiful girlfriend Anushka (anu) ❤

A blessing in my life

He is like the strong wave in the mighty ocean,

He is like the solemn air on a summer’s night,

He is like the vibrant colours of nature after the spring rain….

He is a soul undiscovered, just like a dew unruffled on a leaf at the edge….

Dedicated to my only guy best friend, Swapnil (Teddy)