Sunshine Blogger Award

This is yet again an achievement…! 😊

Thank you Deepti for nominating me for this award!

I would like to thank my parents, WordPress, my friends and my followers for their constant love and support.

Thank you so much…. ❤❤❤


The battle #2

…. Late at night the battle was over….

She found him returning famished yet happy, cause he had sacrificed his ego for the the sake of his love…

Her faith had won and they were together again….

He turned over a new leaf when the morning glory touched his face…. He saw his girl dressed in a pink sari...

For him she was the most beautiful damsel in the world…

As he planted a kiss on her forehead their love underwent an elevation from the terrestrial bondage to the celestial blissfulness….

Dedicated to my favorite and the most cute couple, Swapnil (teddy) & his beautiful girlfriend Anushka (anu) ❤