She reigns in my heart # 2

You are the ray of that golden hue of spring which made all my half earned wishes fulfilled….

Today in the morning the earth got blessed with rain like the way I am blessed to have you in my life…..

The blossoms of my future will only bloom if you become the queen in the floral castle of my heart…

The blood rushing through my veins says that my soul loves you and so you are endowed with the power to destroy me completely, but my trust says YOU WILL NEVER…

Dedicated to Anirbanda and Shalinidi… ❤

She reigns in my heart #1

For the first time her soul had whispered to mine, I knew she woke it… A brief spell of her voice had transformed into an eternal joy for me…

From that first warm embrace of her, I could feel the words that lived beneath her skin….

I stood at the window sill, with her thoughts ruminating in my mind…

A cool breeze came down from the snows carrying with it her intoxicating fragrance….

As the wind played on my temple, I got drenched in the sweet aroma of her perfume….

(To be continued…..)

Dedicated to, Anirbanda and Shalinidi…❤