Infeasible fancies

Vacillated and turdy eyes are closed in the need of some cessation…..

But every night your love steals sleep from my dusty eyes…..

Leaving behind some infeasible fancies which will always remain disgruntled…

Sunshine blogger award

This is yet again an unbelievable achievement of mine…….!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank –

  1. Didi, for nominating me.
  2. WordPress
  3. All my followers
  4. My patents 
  5. And my friends

Thank u once again for your constant support,love and care….

Under the mask

Those two eyes under the mask were visible with a spark!!!!!…                               with eyelashes dark black……

The piquant nose whose soft scented breaths fell on my shoulder….

Those lips whose hue made me beseech for its avowal…..

 A face, I detected but could never discover……

A voyage

I trudged through the darkness of the woods and shades of trees….
I walked on the leaves and brambled that grew over the disused path….

When the voyage of my weary eyes was ceased by your nonplussed emergence….

Spasmodic promises

She shunned all human contacts and dehisced at his portrait which she had once syphoned with her own hands….

Her crux was smouldered with agony and hatred….                                                     Her mind was staggered with bizarre thoughts….

What was her fault……..????????                      Nothing, but still she was the victim of his insults…….

She went out and stood under the veil of drizzling rain…..the memories running down her veins……

Her tears mingled with the rain….             She wondered if he really loved her……

And on the other side, 

he being a reckless guy, yet handsome and good, sat calmly at one vertex of the classroom, internally bleeding and deliriously murmuring her name….

Cause he had committed a blunder for which he wanted to apologize, if only she could hear his silent apology……

Dedicated to my friend Swapnil……

Unstirred air 

Your love came scattered in the wind….

In the unstirred air they seemed to float like the lowing herd of breeze which wafts over the sea…..

But now in the air a cogent stillness holds……                                                              A coruscated love that faded in the sight…..

Yes Avi was someone who gave the definition, but I was too reckless to take it seriously, for which I will repent forever but will never stop loving him….

Plashet of gaiety

The parched base of my navel was brimmed with thirst….
The augmen￶tation of varied intervals in my life were all embowered….

But this time the monsoon inducted making the arid sod of my crux slithery enough to bestow myself in the puddles of mirth….

About the love of 2013……..

Dried verses 

I unlocked my diary and reached the page where he had written some verses with the hue of his own blood…..

The aroma of his warm dried blood churred up every single cell of my attenuate skin….

And blowing off the candle I rested my head on those verses whose essence dragged me deep into a slumber manacle……

Avi loved me to the extent that he drained his blood and wrote the verses….his letter lies with me all the time…

If you can, please forgive me Avi…..


Retiring to a crutch I sat brooding over his letters, murmuring the words deliriously on my own…..

Were all his written words mere phrases and promises….???????

And my tormented mind seem to wail aloud for the treasure of my crux which had once deserted me….