A lad’s untold story

I entered his room with a candle in my hand,on the desk lied an ultimatum to life,written in blood…..
“I am in darkness about life,I have forgotten what is love,I am only aware about you,

I only know how you are,but I don’t know where you are?????…..

Once, at least once tell me the place,and seal your eyes,then and there you will find me in front of you….

If you whisper ‘nowhere’…..I will sketch your portrait and relinquish it at the feet of Almighty and ask the Omnipotent to gift it with the chasm of life….

So that, once again you become vivacious,       so that once again my eyes can savour your acquaintance….

And then I will never retreat from death….”

Tears filled my eyes….in this strife torn world he is a despondent suffering from pain and misery…                                She was his love,his key to happiness,but the surges of 2013 seized the key,she passed away…….and his world of ecstasy became clamped forever…..

After that he was with many,but even if he turned out to be the world’s best partner,he was only meant to be left… 

And each time he was left he was engulfed with a new addiction… Once being a sodden, the other time being a barbeturate, he only probed for his girl…….

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

I ran to the graveyard, he was sitting by her mausoleum….with his face covered in his arms..,…

Laggardly I walked to him,touched his hair……he raised his face…..an immediate glut of sorrow tormented me…….

Stretching my hand I said ,”I will be there beside you, boy……”

A smile doused in pain flickered through his tired face…..and all of a sudden the graveyard sparkled with  a sickly daylight that rushed through the grey weeping sky……


             Plot curtsey : SREYA RAY

The locked navel

I look at the mirror which reflects me…

How magical!!!!…… it reflects myself !!

That self which only mirrors him                       that self which will break the glass where his image will not be seen.

So…what’s the use of thinking about me when I only crave for him??????                               What’s the use of loving me when I can never reciprocate the same to you???????

Even if I do, one corner of my navel will always be locked,cause it contains his image……                                                                      Will you be able to ban that pain from your mind ever??????

Might be that he will never ever be mine …..

Might be for him in the darkness of the night I will be profusely crying…..

But still that corner of my heart will seek for God’s benediction that,                                                             might not be in this birth but in the next birth,he shall be mine……

A tribute to my buddy SREYA……  


To my valentine

I have always found the end of January to be the best time of the year in the hills . the sun drenched hills are still an emerald green and the air is crisp but spring’s bite is still a month away…..
Touched by the ambience ,
I try to seek your presence,
No not your presence but I claim you,
Come and take my soul with you …..
When my urge of dedication will mingle with your urge of presence ,
Pour your love on me…
and I will tear my arteries and drench you with my blood ….
Which will merge our souls in heaven …..
And shower us with the divine rain…..

The versatile blogger award


It has been 3 months that I have started blogging.Previously writing short expressions was just my hobby .I used to those to my friends and parents who appreciated them.It was then that one of my best friends, have me the idea of blogging.

I wanna thank,

  • My parents, for their love care and support.
  • Nextly Savita mam.thank you once again mam .It is only for you that I have received this honour.
  • WordPress is the only medium through I have been posting my write ups.
  • My friends …..specially …..

    1. SREYA RAY ,for her support and motivation.She was the one who had given me the idea of blogging and has been there beside me.Thanks SREYA….🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😗
    2. Shuvamita Dey,one of my best friends who has been reading all my write ups since the time i had started writing.
    3. Akash Chatterjee and Swagata Dey my 2 great buddies for their love and motivation and praise…                                             thanks a lot dudes😊😊😊🤗🙂🤗🙂…..
    4. Last but not the least all my followers for giving their precious time to my blog.🤗🤗🤗🤗 

    The gifted whistling thrush

    The whistling thrush flew off into the shadowed ravine….and its song broke off right in the middle of a cadenza,…    I was left wondering what made it stop so suddenly…..

    Returning to my senses I became aware that I was permanent in front of three paths that diverged into the ravine….

    The first one was clad with red petals which symbolized someone’s love and affection….

    The second one was clad with red and white petals which symbolized the other one’s care and respect and might be the subconcious love ……

    Someone’s love and someone’s subconscious love ……being confused and perplexed I subsided into a pained and puzzled silence…..

    The last path was bare covered with mud…….

    Becoming appraised of the existing conditions in my life ….I found that ,      I was attached to one and attracted to the other……

    After an interval , I took the bare path…..thats my life…..single life …..   neither to be shared not to be enjoyed with anyone…..except myself……so just giving a shit to love and the vicissitudes of life i walk forward……cause at this age I am not for anyone….

    But only for my self….that self which  is there ‘in me ,for me,and through me…..’with the help of which I will be able to prove myself to the world…..

    And of course for someone ‘later’ in my life whom my life would warmly welcome ,greet and vow……

    Dedicated to my friend SREYA ,❤                                                     and her life…..

    Ruthless heart

    Days pass by somehow ,but nights are full of pain…..

    Sadness may go with time,but loneliness will remain…..

    Restless on my comfortable bed,I toss and turn and try to sleep……
    But thoughts of yours  craming my head,have formed a huge heap…..

    Your face is flashing like a scorching beam,tearing me apart at my seams…..

    The sadness of my life is more visible in the dark,and now I am trying to give it a voice….

    Trying to speak out for my heart…cause my heart is kept in an agony of ruthless affliction…..

    The unsolved interrogations

    I prep through the holes of my life ….     from the deep crouching smog something gets revealed to me….

    Love has never concerned itself with who is leaving whom……love is whether anyone truly belongs to someone ,be it for a moment or for a lifetime…….

                    AND SO…..

    I was wrong, to leave him or might be I was not……                                                                           he deserved it , or might be he did not……

    There was a prolonged silence…..and I found that I was staring at an abyss which was my life itself….                

    Though the questions were for me ,it seemed as if I was talking to my deep seated conscience…….

    Everything which seemed dear to me has finally gone….                                                             or might be 

    Very soon I would be hailed by an ‘uncharted someone’……..

    Autumnal love

    The low patterning of the rain clinging to my ears slows down,

    The silence of the night creeps into….       the nightingale sings in the patience of the bloom,……

    ……. the inevitable bloom in the glory of moon…disappears behind the clouds,but playing hide and seek again emerges out……

    The wind blows gale chill all the day giving the trees no rest…..

    As I walk ,the low rustle of the disheartened leaves makes me dive in the slumberchain…….

    A long lost tune which eloped with the song behind the ebode of snows among the mountains of relupracative strength…..

    It is then ,that the humble touch of numbness pierces my skin ……

    And falls on my heart ,                                                                  the radiant shafts of                                                                Autumnal Love……..

    Marks on my grave

    His looks were the one which held my heart captive and had drawn me to its edge during the dawn of my blooming life…..

    His beauty originated in the mist filled valleys and the towering mountains…

    His voice commenced from the clear gurgling of the streams and icy white glaciers…..

    His eyes had captured me by their breathtaking beauty…..

    His lips with nostalgia and affection spoke words whose evocative descriptions made me static for hours….

    Traversing hundreds of miles on the carpet of roses through the city in my heartland ,he mingled in my blood…..

    Not for many days he was mine or I was his….

    But for me it was a chain of attachment of true love for me….

    A chain which if I break free from or even try to ,will never be able to do anything about the marks that it has left on me…..

    Those marks I will take to my grave….

    The alley where my heart laid

    Have you ever paid a visit in that alley where my lucid heart used to sojourn,on the dust filled, coarse mud…..

    Everyday a new ray of hope ,a new silent wish touches it ….

    Might be you would hear what it wants to say…

    Might be you would clasp it reverently in your arms….

    But all days the moon sinks in the night sky with the urge remaining half earned….

    You never come …..

    Generations and ages pass…..

    My heart still kills the time,                                 interluding for your arrival,                                  to ask you a question……

    Will you ever make ”your heart” sit beside mine…….