A long time back,
I met you, in the past,
We sat together, giggling, arms wrapped around each other…

I stare blankly at the empty wall,
It stares back at me…
I don’t know what ‘missing you’ feels like anymore…

The pleasure of your touch,
The melody or your voice,
The beauty of your smell,
All your sensations have stayed with me…
But you are nowhere…yet everywhere…
Everywhere, scattered in my mind, not in reality.


Torn souls

And then one day,
Nothing remained the same,
His smile,

her warmth,
His jokes,

her laugh,

Gradually their love was envenomed,
His trust was broken,
Her faith was shattered.
Life took sharp turns that made the two torn souls drift away from each other.

The battle #2

…. Late at night the battle was over….

She found him returning famished yet happy, cause he had sacrificed his ego for the the sake of his love…

Her faith had won and they were together again….

He turned over a new leaf when the morning glory touched his face…. He saw his girl dressed in a pink sari...

For him she was the most beautiful damsel in the world…

As he planted a kiss on her forehead their love underwent an elevation from the terrestrial bondage to the celestial blissfulness….

Dedicated to my favorite and the most cute couple, Swapnil (teddy) & his beautiful girlfriend Anushka (anu) ❤

The battle #1

With a baffled mind he faced the battlefield…

Ego being on one side, love struggled hard on the other to destroy its rival…..

With a broken heart yet a determined mind, she refused to retreat from her decision but wished if ‘love’ could be the victorious one….

She had faith in the power of true love….

Late at night the battle was over…

(To be continued….)

Dedicated to my favorite and the most cute couple, Swapnil (teddy) & his beautiful girlfriend Anushka (anu) ❤

A blessing in my life

He is like the strong wave in the mighty ocean,

He is like the solemn air on a summer’s night,

He is like the vibrant colours of nature after the spring rain….

He is a soul undiscovered, just like a dew unruffled on a leaf at the edge….

Dedicated to my only guy best friend, Swapnil (Teddy)

Her Photo

A photo layed on the floor

He picked it up and looked at her photo…. a black and white one, where she stood clad in a sari beautifying herself with an earing…

Looking at the vista outside he placed the photo on the table…

“The beauty stagnant on her face exceeds even that of the moon…. ” he said to himself….

And quietly FATE smiled thinking about the lass in the photo who was destined to become his wife….

A sweet secret#2

I ran through the fields and reached the dilapidated station….

It was empty….

The last train had departed, leaving behind some black smog in the morning breeze…..

I couldn’t wait…. the trees were calling me….

As I walked on the tracks, nature whispered in my ears, about a deep sweet secret that prevailed in the trembling air……

A Dream

In the blissful drizzle, through the distant fog, slender waisted, with her wet pink skirt clinging to her thighs, she descends swiftly down the steep hill……

The soft jingling of her silver anklet, as bright as a song is audible as she slows down the pace of her tender feet….

She stops, ties her golden hair to a red ribbon and bends to quench her thirst…..

In the clear gurgling water of the small fountain I see her face…

Fair and beautiful….

And yes, I saw her previously also… In my dream, that was too sweet to remember….

She reigns in my heart # 2

You are the ray of that golden hue of spring which made all my half earned wishes fulfilled….

Today in the morning the earth got blessed with rain like the way I am blessed to have you in my life…..

The blossoms of my future will only bloom if you become the queen in the floral castle of my heart…

The blood rushing through my veins says that my soul loves you and so you are endowed with the power to destroy me completely, but my trust says YOU WILL NEVER…

Dedicated to Anirbanda and Shalinidi… ❤