Resignation to fate

The roads are dusty, like the quiet lanes of my heart……                                                The dust travels over, getting blown away by the wind…..                                      The pale leaves are brown with their veins visible…..                                               The veins of my heart are also throbbing hard due to the excessive pain……                       My soul is exhausted by suffering………so famished that it wants to leave me forever….

These days the birds do not chirp for me during the hours of dawn…..                                These nights, I do not count the stars but only mourn…….                                                          These noons are calm without the sunlight peeping through the leaves of the trees………  These evenings are dejected without drinking life to the lees……. 


I pour the wine, in a glass…. The other lies empty beside…… As if looking to get a drop of shampein…..

I sit by the window and sip the wine slowly…… The effect gaining fast upon me….. My eyes dose off to sleep…. But I try to keep them open by staring at the white envelop lying on the window pane containing the bilido my  resignation to fate……. 

Which would be carried by the dove during the morning of my last day…….


17 thoughts on “Resignation to fate

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