On the shore

Podiuming by the shore  at a night of autumn….                                                         I watch a flock of birds flying in gay abandon……                                                      The shore is empty and so is my heart……. Frozen blue and pale…..

The wind blows slowly around giving the palm trees no rest…..                            I walk and reach the place where I had written his name on the sand… And had drawn a ‘heart’ beside……. 

But now there I find his name no more and the swathes to be wet….. The surges of the roaring sea had washed his name….. 

Like the way “she” snatched “him” away from me….. 

But a part of the drawn ‘heart’still remains on the sand…..                                Signifying those pleasant memories of him and love for him in my mind…. 

Time passes by and so years have passed….    But I still wait for him…. And a call from divine.. 

Cause “he” is the only ‘one’ and the only ‘love’,……..my lonely soul can feel and always tries to find………

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