A labyrinth

I was entangled in the labyrinth of time…

Time proved to be the best giver when I first saw him…

And today, alienating myself from the world….

I try to amend the mistakes my heart, where now emptiness has superseded love, once committed….

His betrayals were like thunderbolts for me….

Which proved the brutal truth that, ‘time is the best killer’……


Some thistly sorrows

On the vacuous beach, she danced lurid…

Flinging her arms high, whirling her hips round….

With all her gracious moves she tried to put all her thistly sorrows of love aside…..


 As I walked home last night , in the cold moonlight….

A sweep of his languid bare arm, made me lie under the stars….

Till the radiances of the dawn flooded my eyes with their glory…

Infeasible fancies

Vacillated and turdy eyes are closed in the need of some cessation…..

But every night your love steals sleep from my dusty eyes…..

Leaving behind some infeasible fancies which will always remain disgruntled…

Sunshine blogger award

This is yet again an unbelievable achievement of mine…….!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank –

  1. Didi, for nominating me.
  2. WordPress
  3. All my followers
  4. My patents 
  5. And my friends

Thank u once again for your constant support,love and care….

Under the mask

Those two eyes under the mask were visible with a spark!!!!!…                               with eyelashes dark black……

The piquant nose whose soft scented breaths fell on my shoulder….

Those lips whose hue made me beseech for its avowal…..

 A face, I detected but could never discover……