Spasmodic promises #2

Sitting silently on the warm sand at the shore he fondles over her memories with a drooping spirit….

A heartless lass,

For whom he passionately dedicated his life….

For whom he spent sleepless nights….

For whom he weaved his dreams with the delicate strands of love that ‘forever is a long time, but i dont mind spending it with you’….

Today he regrets at the greatest mistake his life had clashed with….

Cause she was a ruthless curse that has rivuleted his life, leaving behind the sizzling singe from where the smoke of her memories torments and agonizes him till date……

Dedicated to my bestie, Swapnil💜


Thunder blossoms 

In the morning dew she stayed totally absorbed in grass…. 

Like brief thunder blossoms in the air… 

She was crushed by a love which came like a thief, stole her heart but left her shattered….. 

A labyrinth

I was entangled in the labyrinth of time…

Time proved to be the best giver when I first saw him…

And today, alienating myself from the world….

I try to amend the mistakes my heart, where now emptiness has superseded love, once committed….

His betrayals were like thunderbolts for me….

Which proved the brutal truth that, ‘time is the best killer’……


 As I walked home last night , in the cold moonlight….

A sweep of his languid bare arm, made me lie under the stars….

Till the radiances of the dawn flooded my eyes with their glory…

Infeasible fancies

Vacillated and turdy eyes are closed in the need of some cessation…..

But every night your love steals sleep from my dusty eyes…..

Leaving behind some infeasible fancies which will always remain disgruntled…