A sweet secret#2

I ran through the fields and reached the dilapidated station….

It was empty….

The last train had departed, leaving behind some black smog in the morning breeze…..

I couldn’t wait…. the trees were calling me….

As I walked on the tracks, nature whispered in my ears, about a deep sweet secret that prevailed in the trembling air……

175 thoughts on “A sweet secret#2

      1. Arey bhai koshish karne me kya harj hai…so many posts you have made just like that already likewise why don’t you consider them as chapters n making it a book.

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  1. Have faith in yourself you can do it…nowadays so many people from this platform have become good best selling authors you know…why don’t you just think big n make yourself more productive

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  2. Very well written poem Eliza mam. Loved to read it a lot.

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