The golden mantle

The night fades away slowly from the lap of nature… 

Rising in clouded majesty the radiances of the sun ride brightest on the bosom of the sea…. 

And unveiling its peerless glow the sun throws its golden mantle on the sand… 

107 thoughts on “The golden mantle

  1. Mow this is beautiful, you have a lot of talent and are so creative, and I have only read one piece.
    Thanks for your follow. I am now following you and look forward to reading more of your work. Nice to meet you.

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  2. Hello, Eliza, I love your beautiful thoughts and imagery here. In your soulful writing you display a great sensitivity to the world around you and emotions deep within. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! It’s a pleasure to meet you via your words. Have a blessed day! 😊💜

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