Unstirred air 

Your love came scattered in the wind….

In the unstirred air they seemed to float like the lowing herd of breeze which wafts over the sea…..

But now in the air a cogent stillness holds……                                                              A coruscated love that faded in the sight…..

Yes Avi was someone who gave the definition, but I was too reckless to take it seriously, for which I will repent forever but will never stop loving him….


75 thoughts on “Unstirred air 

      1. Yeah that’s indeed correct..
        I hope I will b able to bring him back in my life🙁…but at present m happy with his thoughts and the pleasant memories he gifted me with…😊😊😊

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  1. Your poem is very beautiful. I did stumble over the last two lines. I think it was because it broke the trance of the spell you were casting with your words when I came to “cogent and coruscated.” I had to stop feeling and start thinking. Does that make any sense? I reckon it’s ’cause the words were not that familiar to me and I had to try to put them in context.

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