Dried verses 

I unlocked my diary and reached the page where he had written some verses with the hue of his own blood…..

The aroma of his warm dried blood churred up every single cell of my attenuate skin….

And blowing off the candle I rested my head on those verses whose essence dragged me deep into a slumber manacle……

Avi loved me to the extent that he drained his blood and wrote the verses….his letter lies with me all the time…

If you can, please forgive me Avi…..


72 thoughts on “Dried verses 

    1. He is a real guy…handsome, good, kindhearted, loving, caring, adjusting, understanding….and much more than that…he is having all the qualities which a perfect bf should have…but I was too immature and small when he proposed me😢😢😢…now I understand his dedication…🙁🙁😢
      Hope he will understand and return to me one day….🙂🙂🙂

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      1. I have done dis fault my bf in university life.perhaps he lives my city for long time.my dis past love has converted in silent love.still now he is most kindhearted,caring nature n help me in my disturbing days and give fully attention on my married life.dt time,i was so much innocent like u n did not understand his love till five years.suddenly he met me as walking on road then i realized my fault.dt time i was married.uff,dis love-i am unable to forget n feels as i have do most wrong work.bt now-what can i do because i think dt i should be loyal for my family.i am lucky dt he has forgive me n admire my thought n give respet to my family.dis is holy love as ganga or god’s love-i think.u r young n can improve ur fault.plz call him back.


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