A left canvas

The pallette being devoid of colors,           I drain the blood from my veins …….                take the brush and paint the canvas red….      from tat hue, I make out your face with my fingers…..

You are the reason for which the blood flows in my veins, keeping me alive…

The day you will leave,                                     my blood would lose its hue,                                preclude its motion ,                                               and I will be on the verge of death……


On the valley

We both sat together on a rock at the end of a valley from where after a lush green vegetation the mountains stood..
The silhouette of the Himalayas caste an enigmatic spell on the serene embience of the place…

The star spangled night sky provided us with the opportunity to number the stars..

As we kept on numbering many a times interrupting each other, our romantic love reached its peak by the sight of a dashing shooting star which impaled its way through the sky….

After imploring for a wish, looking at the sky, I asked, “can you sever a star from that sky for me, Avi???? “

He said ” I have already severed it….”

I looked into his eyes wonderingly, searching for an answer when he replied, “……And presently the cute star is sitting beside me…….its you…….”

A fiction, which could have been true but for some of faults, its only a dream….

Beyond the curtains

Moving the curtains at the window beside the bed of my room and glancing out,

 I see the rising sun climb up the hills, touch the snow clad summit of the mountains, but it has yet to reach the narrow valley…

Rosy cold, guaranteed to turn the cheeks a rosy pink ; A charming expression , but I prefer a rosy sunburn and remain behind the heavy quilt until the sun comes up to throw its golden shafts across the river……

After some time, the snow at the mountains turns pink, then to orange and gold…..

The sun elevates itself decking the nature with its ornaments….

Immediately all sleep vanishes as I gaze up in wonder at the magnificent pinnacle in the sky…

The fastidious act

During the delectable hours of the night, encase me in your arms and I will drown into the fastidious act….

Inflame the romantic passion by fissuring my attenuate skin and wantoning yourself in the entangled labyrinth of my navel…

Extend the space in your eyes and lips so that mine can find a billet there…..

As we both close our eyes, slackenly the moon would die out….

And until the sunbeams attain our eyelashes we would lie on the bed , with our two intertwined bodies under the malleable blanket….. 


The setting sun has conjured up its colorful magical spell in the evening sky across the sparkling water of the gently flowing river.

I stretch myself out on the cot……

The rain and wind has ceased, the parched earth which is soaked up is exuding a fragrance of quenched mud…

The faint light of the crescent moon falls on my face,

In the foreboding stillness of the night, I am entranced by the romantic beauty of nature,

The sky looks brilliant with stars,

As I close my eyes, someone brushes against the lime tree, bruising its leaves and the good fresh perfume visits me through the night air, making the moment memorable for all my lifetime……….