The butterfly

Throughout the morning the rain pattered away……
I was resting peacefully by my window solemnizing a butterfly outside the obscure glass pane…..

Being stewed in the rain its frail wings laid still,                                                                       Entirely fatigued, its imbecile legs tremored against the wind……                                                Its pathetic attune made me think of the insecurity it was feeling…..

…….when suddenly ‘his’ thoughts trailed in my mind……….

I thought that might be my heart was weak enough to suffer the agony, but was my love so feeble that he did not take even a few seconds to shrug off the memories…….

And outside the rain had ceased…..and the clouds sluggardly marched away……


83 thoughts on “The butterfly

  1. This is a great write up dear.At such a tender age,your work is pretty mature which is appreciable.I love to read such deep vocabs and thoughts.:)

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