The nocturnal visitor

The evening gives way to the darkness of the night……

In the impenetrable solitude of the room it seems that I am gradually being possessed with a morbid melancholia which makes me remain inexplicably calm……

I sit cloistered in my room brooding and longing for him….

Completely secluded and isolated from the company of others, I lead a self exiled life…….

My terrified lips are too petrified to orate words of my wrenched heart ……

I am somewhat banished and only left to myself to ponder and reflect over my miserable estrangement……                                                   Cause……..

Love ushered in my life as a nocturnal visitor and bequeathed making my life a dire nightmare………


40 thoughts on “The nocturnal visitor

  1. My dear friend,

    Clouds and rain are sometimes in our lives – and they feel very heavy on our shoulders, in our heart. But clouds are passing by and sunshine will again warm
    our freezing heart. One good decision can change our life from one day to another –
    we need only a bit strength to make a step forward to get out of our present unhappy times. This strength, dear friend, I wish you from the bottom of my heart.

    All the best

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      1. Dear Eliza,

        I live in Europe, Finland, but almost every year I travel to India to help build up a place called Kirpal Sagar referred to the name of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji wo was the initiator of this place, where needy and poor people are helped. There is a hospital, old father’s home, an academy with about 600 students and a Sarovar in the middle of it with all symbols from all world religions of the world. Soon I will start to speak about Kirpal Sagar and its aims. Kirpal Sagar is a place for all people in the world – noone is separated by his faith, colour or nationality – we are all human beings first of all and we should also help each other and understand that we are all one, sitting in the same boat. Kirpal Sagar is about 360 km northwards from Delhi, not so far away from Ludiana. If you are interested to know more about the teaching of my Master then I can refer you to:

        And if you want to know more, just feel free to ask, dear friend.
        All the best

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