A left canvas

The pallette being devoid of colors,           I drain the blood from my veins …….                take the brush and paint the canvas red….      from tat hue, I make out your face with my fingers…..

You are the reason for which the blood flows in my veins, keeping me alive…

The day you will leave,                                     my blood would lose its hue,                                preclude its motion ,                                               and I will be on the verge of death……


24 thoughts on “A left canvas

  1. Lovely way of expressing yourself. โค Keep at it!

    I disagree, though. Trust is not a weakness, rather a strength. Letting another human being into your life is to the betterment of both parties involved. Obviously, trust must be earned, but if it has been earned, isn't that the most beautiful thing we can offer?

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    1. My friend, trust is like a mirror…once it breaks it can never be put together… And obviously trust can b earned from a new person but it takes a lot of time cause in this generation true love is very rare…and true love is based upon trust…๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿค—

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