The locked navel

I look at the mirror which reflects me…

How magical!!!!…… it reflects myself !!

That self which only mirrors him                       that self which will break the glass where his image will not be seen.

So…what’s the use of thinking about me when I only crave for him??????                               What’s the use of loving me when I can never reciprocate the same to you???????

Even if I do, one corner of my navel will always be locked,cause it contains his image……                                                                      Will you be able to ban that pain from your mind ever??????

Might be that he will never ever be mine …..

Might be for him in the darkness of the night I will be profusely crying…..

But still that corner of my heart will seek for God’s benediction that,                                                             might not be in this birth but in the next birth,he shall be mine……

A tribute to my buddy SREYA……  



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