To my valentine

I have always found the end of January to be the best time of the year in the hills . the sun drenched hills are still an emerald green and the air is crisp but spring’s bite is still a month away…..
Touched by the ambience ,
I try to seek your presence,
No not your presence but I claim you,
Come and take my soul with you …..
When my urge of dedication will mingle with your urge of presence ,
Pour your love on me…
and I will tear my arteries and drench you with my blood ….
Which will merge our souls in heaven …..
And shower us with the divine rain…..


39 thoughts on “To my valentine

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  1. The first paragraph straight away took me the green range of mountains where you hear your voice after speaking and where the wind speaks to you!
    And then it got intense in the later part of the poem.
    Your blog is super intense๐Ÿ˜„โค

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