The gifted whistling thrush

The whistling thrush flew off into the shadowed ravine….and its song broke off right in the middle of a cadenza,…    I was left wondering what made it stop so suddenly…..

Returning to my senses I became aware that I was permanent in front of three paths that diverged into the ravine….

The first one was clad with red petals which symbolized someone’s love and affection….

The second one was clad with red and white petals which symbolized the other one’s care and respect and might be the subconcious love ……

Someone’s love and someone’s subconscious love ……being confused and perplexed I subsided into a pained and puzzled silence…..

The last path was bare covered with mud…….

Becoming appraised of the existing conditions in my life ….I found that ,      I was attached to one and attracted to the other……

After an interval , I took the bare path…..thats my life…..single life …..   neither to be shared not to be enjoyed with anyone…..except myself……so just giving a shit to love and the vicissitudes of life i walk forward……cause at this age I am not for anyone….

But only for my self….that self which  is there ‘in me ,for me,and through me…..’with the help of which I will be able to prove myself to the world…..

And of course for someone ‘later’ in my life whom my life would warmly welcome ,greet and vow……

Dedicated to my friend SREYA ,โค                                                     and her life…..


26 thoughts on “The gifted whistling thrush

  1. Most heart touching poem.d life is suffered actually on three paths n gives us pain as valuable gift.plz !!do’nt depress.ur decusion to walk in third path is absolutely right because human is alone from birth to end of u have right to choose ur path for mentaly n phisically resting.after then u will feel about spritual feelings because your soul will be always with u n say-too jahaan chalegi mera sayaa saath hoga….bless u,dear eliza.

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      1. Hi Eliza, thanks for bringing back back to your blog again, regarding your question you mentioned here that you have final year exams and I got an impression from your writing that you are a schoolgirl.In other words a girl in a school uniform wondering how is it like when you wear colorful dresses. Thank you. :))

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