Autumnal love

The low patterning of the rain clinging to my ears slows down,

The silence of the night creeps into….       the nightingale sings in the patience of the bloom,……

……. the inevitable bloom in the glory of moon…disappears behind the clouds,but playing hide and seek again emerges out……

The wind blows gale chill all the day giving the trees no rest…..

As I walk ,the low rustle of the disheartened leaves makes me dive in the slumberchain…….

A long lost tune which eloped with the song behind the ebode of snows among the mountains of relupracative strength…..

It is then ,that the humble touch of numbness pierces my skin ……

And falls on my heart ,                                                                  the radiant shafts of                                                                Autumnal Love……..


18 thoughts on “Autumnal love

    1. O no no it’s just a write up😊😊…..afterall autumn is my favourite season cause autumn in India is completely filled with beauty of nature and great festivals…..🤗🙂☺🤗🙂☺


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