Revelation of a truth

During the vacant hours, of a drowsy summer afternoon….                                    I dawdle at the foot of a woody hill, with a brook running close by, a formidable birch tree growing at one end of it……..                                                    The birds chirp continually, but a still deadly silence prevails all around me….

I look at the distant hills, preoccupied with some anguished thoughts….                                  I know ‘it’s all over’…….. With “him”…….

But I still continue to sway in his magic’s…. That hold a spell over my mind, causing me to trod in a constant reverie always……

“Living,  after getting ruined”……is a fact which has enlightened me with a ‘truth’……                                    THAT

Both ‘life’ and ‘love’ can ruin  anybody  more acutely than ‘death’…… 

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